My story

My name is Tessa and I am born with a port wine stain in the face, also referred to as the Sturge Weber Syndrome. This stain marks me and makes my look a little more unique. Ever since I can remember people have asked me what it is and, especially, how I deal with a look that is beyond what we are used to. At times, it brings challenges to face the world with this different face, that’s why I started To Face The World!


„Wear your heart on your skin in this life”

Sylvia Plath


I am currently conducting research for my Master of Science in Culture, Organisation and Management (COM) at VU University Amsterdam on lookism and ableism. I am researching the experience of those that live with a different look on the job market and within the hiring process. I also look at ableism; how people with disabilities are treated in organisations.

Have a different facial look and are up for an interview? Want to share your story? Or want to work together on another project? Don’t hesitate and hit me up by filling out the contact form! 🙂

About my blog

I started To Face The World to bring awareness to different looks, especially when its facial, and it is the first thing we see of someone. Through sharing my story of what it is like to live with a different look, I hope to inspire you. I hope to start a dialogue with those that experience a similar different look and for those that don’t, to inspire to look beyond the difference.

I want to challenge the current viewpoints in society, to make it more acceptable, and to show that beside the challenges it can bring a lot of beautiful, extraordinary moments.