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I personally think that one of tne most significant things of the internalization process of having a different look, is that whenever you enter a … More Internalization, externalization »

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Internalization, externalization

I personally think that one of tne most significant things of the internalization process of having a different look, is that whenever you enter a … More Internalization, externalization »


Self-acceptance is a process we all go through at some points in life, whether you look ‘different from the norm’ or not. I am not … More Self-acceptance »


Lebanon, Beirut. I went to visit one of my best friends who is living here. Spending some time with someone so dear in your life … More Lebanon »

Straight lines

If there is one thing I have recently learned, then it is that there are no straight lines in nature. Nothing is perfectly straight. Yes, … More Straight lines »


Amsterdam. I love you. Especially, when spring is around the corner..I was born and raised in this amazing city. For 23 years I dreamt away … More Amsterdam »


We often perceive our lives as a linear journeys, in which we attain knowledge, become wiser, grow older, deal with more. But sometimes I feel … More Cycles »

Whatever you do in life

One of the most inspiring sayings that I know and try to live by is from Gandhi. Studying modern Indian literature in my BA Asian … More Whatever you do in life »


Kids are most honest when asking what I have on my face. Since they are not polluted by our societal norms, they often just ask. … More Kids »

Puppy love

Look at this amazing cutie – my part time puppy Luna, who most of the time lays around with her feet in the air waiting … More Puppy love »

A story for every scar

There is no dress rehearsal for life. It’s all happening now in real time. We don’t get a practice run or a do-over. We are … More A story for every scar »


2018. You’ve been an interesting year. Starting off in Sri Lanka with a beautiful trip which ended in a 10-day long silent vipassana-meditation experience. I … More 2018 »

Comparison of theory

In the comparison of theory on racism to theory on disability, what strikes me most is the argument that we as human beings are tolerant … More Comparison of theory »

Coping Strategies

Coping strategies are not only for those that look different. On the contrary: we all have them. We all built strategies, aware or unaware, to … More Coping Strategies »


Pain is an interesting thing. Whether it is physical or non-physical pain. Some say pain is our biggest teacher, because through those moments we learn … More Pain »

Got My Logo!

Today I received the logo a dear friend has designed for me, and I am so happy with it! Its so beautiful, don’t you think? … More Got My Logo! »

Talking Tolerance

Talking about Tolerance. How tolerant are we of others? Whether they are black, refugee or have a facial difference. Tolerance as so inspirationally set out … More Talking Tolerance »

Realising Difference

The last few days, I got some questions about when I realized I had a port wine stain, looking ‘different’. In yesterday’s lecture on identities/gender/racism … More Realising Difference »


This week is the always inspiring International Documentary Festival Amsterdam, and my friend @able_amsterdam invited me to join to a movie called Scars – on … More Scars »

Changing Colors

In light of this project, I have talked with friends about how they experience my birthmark when we are together. In public or how they … More Changing Colors »


Today I met up with the very inspiring @bag.lady.official to talk about her revovery from a heavy scooter accident in Phnom Penh, Cambodia 1,5 years … More Meetup »

Lets talk laser treatment

Over the last two decades a lot has changed in laser-land. In Amsterdam, where I live, I have seen many laser clinics open their doors. … More Lets talk laser treatment »

That’s what friends are for

Some say that through sickness you’ll get to know your real friends. The ones that come visit you when you are sick and are not … More That’s what friends are for »


Fall is the season of change. The changing of colors and maybe even the season of changing our view on colors. Fall is always a … More Fall »

AD Magazine

Feature article for the Dutch AD newspaper last year for @fpanhuijzen on what its like to be stared at, to be shouted at, and first … More AD Magazine »


Your experience has an imprint on how you view the world. Knowing from an early age that it is not for granted that I will … More Vision »


This year I started my MSc in Culture and Organization Management and am currently preparing for my exams. I love studying, but not really the … More Studying »

Taking Care

As like any other skin, a port wine stain should be healthily taken care of. From a young age, my parents made sure that I … More Taking Care »

Culturally bounded

Over the last years, I have travelled quite a bit, and through visiting different places in the world, it is interesting to observe how different … More Culturally bounded »

You are a rebel by nature

Many of you know that I practice yoga everyday. It might be one of my single most defining coping strategies to investigate life and its … More You are a rebel by nature »

New Situations

New situations can be scary for many people. To step into a new bar, college hall, gym, music venue or school can be challenging. You … More New Situations »


Yesterday, I was listening to a podcast by @kellybroganmd on the @thejoeroganexperience where the term ‘ableism’ was coined. I had never heard of this term … More ‘Ableism’ »

This World

Some say that the world out there is a school, that life is your teacher and that some lessons will be tough. We’re coming to … More This World »

How to respond as a parent?

I always admired the way my parents handled dealing with my port wine stain. As a little girl, they got asked the questions from strangers. … More How to respond as a parent? »

Facing This World

When people ask me what I have on my face, they often also ask me how I deal with it. Some particularly ask me why … More Facing This World »