How to respond as a parent?

How do you respond as a parent?

I always admired the way my parents handled dealing with my port wine stain. As a little girl, they got asked the questions from strangers. In the park, on the bus, the tram…
How do you respond as a parent when you want to protect your child?
One of the most fundamental things that I learned from their coping, is to speak for yourself. When I was a four-year-old and my mom got questions from a stranger, she’d always ask me if I was in for replying. Some days I would answer with a simple anawer that it was a port wine stain and other days, when I told my mom I didn’t want to answer, she would politely say to the person that it was not our day and we weren’t interested in telling.
This made sure I never got the feeling ‘i was talked about’. And that i learned to get the responsibility and choice in explaining.