Lets talk laser treatment

Let’s talk laser treatment

Over the last two decades a lot has changed in laser-land. In Amsterdam, where I live, I have seen many laser clinics open their doors. Laser treatment has become something people can take for more minor skin conditions or a little scar. However, a port wine stain as I have is a vascular malformation, not necessarily a skin condition alone. A port wine stain is treated with different more complex laser technique. A vascular malformation means that the deeper layer of the skin is affected, the vascular system. It has to do with the nerve infrastructure in the face which makes the color red of a port wine stain. Laser treatment is often the first things that is advised by doctors to parents with a newly born with a portwine stain. My parents got advised to start as early as possible, because then the skin reacts best, so when I was only three months old I got the first treatments. Today, my parents say they would have not done so if they’d been advised that today, only for the sole reason that giving a three-month-old anastheasia is quite intense. The treatments had good effects though, the stain reacted good with the treatment and the skin got lighter. I stopped laser treatment when I was six. Not because my parents or I didn’t want to anymore at the time, but more because doctors discoverred I was blind on one eye (also comes with Sturge Weber Syndrome) and that needed more attention at the time.